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Thread: Zm Server Admins

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    After taking a break from l4d I figured id check out the ibis server boy was that a horrible idea the admins drug/blinding/slapping so they can get you or knocking you down from your hiding spot. But damn Stapler comes in spams music for 10mins then after that some random guy comes in and they just let him spam his music/soundboard for like an hour. Its just an admin abuse frenzy with music spam sorry to see ibis has fallen so much from what it use to be.

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    i havent played in the zm in the pass 2 weeks much at all and look what happens!

    ill help out with the zm problem... ill demo admins and players that are not folowing the rules, so then they can be punished.

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    yeah it has gotten that bad, I poped in for a moment today and bamb! bad emo music and someone asking for slipnot from them and getting it,and guess who it was? the famous unconnected. then a mic happy speed hacker started babling on about how great he is, players pressing every button in the damn helicopter without a disaproving thought from the two admins on, stapler and res. This truly is fucking ridiculus, we need new maps, tougher admins and boat escape and atix seriously need to be removed from the server rotation.

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    Yeah those were 2 admins allowing the guy mic spam and staple spam himself and res slaps shit out of people funny first few times but then just becomes annoying how he slaps everyone when he gets bored.

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    We have gotten some new admins recently so it is likely that this is a new problem. Please us know what admins are allowing this and preforming these actions so that I can punish them. Now I just finished my new computer and by next week I will be in there a lot and correcting some of these issues personally.

    This brings me to ELMO, if I see you pre nuke again your admin is gone

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    omg im really scared srry xD i'll try not to pre nuke haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnublet View Post
    omg im really scared srry xD i'll try not to pre nuke haha
    lol this is pretty fun not only did i demo you talking to the kid who told you about the forums post, i also demoed that you said...

    " i don't care what zer0 says, ill do what i want because prenuking is fun." - said it on highschool, the 1 with the redroom, if you want to check the logs or when my demo stops failing ill post it...

    Wrong idea buddy, stop abusing. Zero is the fucking law around here. People are demoing and your ass is about done, im sick of fucking babysitting admins. People are suppose to folow you and listen. DONT you ever let someone spam a mic again, even if he's your freind. I'm sick of pm's and im sick of your abusing ass.

    if i catch u on demo abusing again... your ass is toast. WARM and BUTTERY toast. Until then, have a nice day.

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    Holy let me know personally if he abuses again. I really want to ban this guy, like it would make my fuckin day.

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    i never said that u liar! ur just trying to get me banned! i may hav said pre nuke if fun but never i dont care wat zero said!"" i said zero said i hav to stop pre nuke or he will ban me!
    Last edited by ManBearPig <ibis>; 01-23-2009 at 05:39 PM.

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    zero has a choice
    no admins on the server
    or admins that hardly do anything.

    His choice.

    I'm also leaving for 5+ months next week and debating whether to leave my subscription to support the server or save myself $55 for liquor money.

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