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Thread: Dear Zero,

  1. Default Dear Zero,

    I Don't really care what the rules about sprays state, if somebody comes into whatever server im in and starts spamming animae porn im warning, kicking, then banning...its not only nasty, but annoying as shit. Just a heads up.

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    Dear Mr. Internet Badass, the rules are in place for a reason, if it is not offending anyone but your intelligence then please by all means do something and suffer the consequences of removing administrative power and/or ban.

    Admins are here to make the game playable not to make up their own rules as they see fit.

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    Yes and by making the game playable i see it fit to remove gay animae porn, sorry you have nothing to masturbate to now =(

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    If its gay (2 dudes) then yes get it the fuck out of here, but if its regular anime porn of a girl with big tits or 2 lesbians then its allowed by the rules

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    1) A spray that contains "gay" images

    A) Gay men or body parts

    2) Disgusting images

    A) Things that look really bad

    a) includes BBW images designed to shock players

    3) A spray that is sprayed after the user has been warned multiple times.

    AS STATED. So if i want to post a lesbian up there and you ban me, your going against the rules and you get in trouble.

    Nest time try to rephrase your first post to say gay porn Mr. Dumbass

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    "Nest time try to rephrase your first post to say gay porn Mr. Dumbass"....."Mr. Dumbass"..."Nest time".....See where im going with this?

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    All hes saying is you should read the rules before you start bitching about them. They were well put together by people who are way smarter and have more experience than you. Just obey them and everything will workout.

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    "All hes saying is you should read the rules before you start bitching about them." Nah hes not, he tried to make me look stupid and it backfired on him, please don't defend him and let him wallow in worthlessness. and the second part of your statement is well...quite opinionated.

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    No actually i was telling you to follow the rules but your to stupid to understand so you made yourself look retarded.

    Btw, the nly reason why I post on these forums are because dumbass adins like yourself decide to make their own rules then they get banned from the server forever. I tried to warn you but you decided to be the "I am a badass punk hiding behind a computer" so when you do get banned Ill be there to tell you "I said so"

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    Why do you even bother..."your to stupid" "nly" "adins" ....Please, if you try to insult me by calling me stupid, atleast spell things correctly as to not make yourself look like an idiot......Hell if i got banned from the server forever i can honestly say that i would take me a full 10 seconds to brouse through the other 10,000 css servers and find a new home =)

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