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Thread: Banned

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    In game name is BoSS|$park$, STEAM_0:1:7365771. Hitman and I were playing 1v1, he "warned me politely to stop walling," I don't wall so it makes it hard to stop something I hadn't started. Then I got a second warning, tried telling him that I wasn't walling, he claimed he had a demo, luckily I do too, since I record one every time I play to justify the bans I make in the BoSS servers. This is the first time I've been accused of hacking on your server#1, I enjoy playing there and regularly play with other IBIS members, so please review his demo and mine if deemed necessary and unban me, thank you.

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    Ok you said you always have a dmeo, then post the demo before you were kicked showing all your walls. As soon as that guy comes online he wioll post and you'll be gone forever.

    It truly was amazing how before I would even stick my head out the door in apartments lined up. And yes I was walking. Then the aprt where you were at long hall and I was in apartments walking, you just bolted towards there and started throwing nades in a frenzy.

    Your hacking ass will never be playing here again.

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    Come on, post th other demo you lying scum

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    I did post the demo I have, why are you bashing me for no reason? You're acting like a child, I can't wait for your friend to post the demo he has of me, it shows me shooting you in the open, while looking at you, in the open, zero walls, if I knew you'd get this mad over a couple of deaths I would of picked another server and saved me the trouble.

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    kk...C MON GUYS...don t start already...we ll wait for the demo of hitman and we ll see...but sparks, you got to understand that until we got evidence of you not hacking, you re still someone that have been banned by one of our admin, so for me, you we re hacking, at least, till i see a demo BY THE ADMIN who banned you...Hitman in that some patience till we get this all sorted out...and peace please!!!

    Hitman...can you show us the demo you got?


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    Actually during the course of this ban i was afk in spectator when i came back i was spec'd on Sparks and as i was eating i was watching him and the longer and longer i watched the more and more i noticed that he wouldnt check spots he'd move straightt o wherever you might be as you could imagine this would be easier to tell 1v1 and what Cloud was mentioning before was he was at long hall watching market and then out of the blue he jets over to bridge apartment side and begins tossing nades, this I found odd when there was nothing to hear he walked through the entire apartment side that most definitely brought some questions. So i agree'd with Cloud and until it can be disproven it seems as if your play was murky and should be looked at. Otherwise you got Banned for the time being just my opinion in the matter.

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    Im talking about the other demo not the current one you posting you lying prick.

    You say im lying. I kicked youa nd then you came abck and started to demo. Post the one before you got kicked jackass.

    He aint getting unbanned so fuck off this server

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    I do not think we will need a demo to figure this one out, what guns was he using...

    Jig look here you will have a good lol

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    See ya around fag

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    Wow not only did he wallhack but he aimbotted like a motherfucker !!

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