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Thread: Spermanator Banned

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    Name In-Game: {-Quincys-} Spermanator
    Steam-ID: 0:0:9048029
    I was banned by NYC CO|ibis.a (I think that is his/her name)
    When: Roughly 9:45 EST
    Where: ATIX_helicopter
    Why: I was thought to have pre-nuked the map. (See below)

    I was a zombie and I was going to stand where the helicopter lands so I could tag the humans as they jumped out of the helicopter. Unfortunately, Mr. GoodStuff went up there with me and pre-nuked. I didn't want to die so I went in behind him. He then !zteled out and I was the only person left alive, making me look like the pre-nuker. This is a true story.

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    ill vouch for this man

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    hey, nevermind. it wasnt permaban. Sorry.

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    next time don't go up there coz its bullshit

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    You were banned for 2 hours knowingly that pre-nuking is breaking the rules. No excuses.

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