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Thread: Hey everyone

  1. Default Hey everyone

    I'm not going to lie and say i know everyone,

    i'm really friendly and every action i make, has justice behind it.

    I'm laid back as fuck. i'm a zm player. well, dust2 on a special occasion.

    I purchased admin, and i'd love some help with the cmds. i've read the TOS, just need some other experienced admins to help me out.

    but hey everyone, my real name is avery, and i love counterstrike. I'm hoping i'm a positive addition to this community .

    call me scrummm

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    Not trying to flood spam ha, just checking my signature

    Haha, Not too often.

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    don't go nuts.. and do perma bans.. unless people are truly aholes... (hackers, ultra spammers, unconnected) as for the other lame cade breakers with near 3 offenses in a row.. send them out with a kick. if they continue just send them to hell with a 1 hour ban... (or more depending on how lenient you are) but really cut the crap with the 5 min bans.. it don't do shit.. cuz most people can go take a dump and come back later and don't even feel the sting from the ban..

    and if you want to be a good admin.. listen to when people sound bored of a certain map.. (don't listen to those whiny aholes.. that want a map change every 5mins) and if u have alot of experience on IBIS you should be able to tell the crap maps from the good maps.. so keep that in mind.. and remember don't change to an overplayed maps unless a bajillion people wants to...

    You should always do a mapvote to see if people want the map to change .. i recommend using the custom vote command.. so that tards that press 1 won't have any say on the vote... and remember don't slap people unless they totally want to fool around just for laughs.... beacon people if they are in one of those rediculously well cades spots.. (be very careful with this if you have terrible jugdemental abilities i recommend you stay away from beaconing..)

    last but not least/// periodically spam certain rules that shouldn't ever be broken les you want a ban/kick/mute .. here's what i would spam when i was playing on the server as admin...

    Intentional Cade breaking, !zteleing from zombies, mic spamming, hacking, glitching, will always result in a ban/mute/kick..

    ^ i would spam that twice every 10 mins-20mins

    and yes demoing is always win.. if you want someones admin removed.. screenshot also works.. speccing + screenshot is the alt from demoing... if you're afk please just swap yourself to spectating...

    btw if certain admins are being aholes.. you can't do anything other than demoing/screenshot them... and remember never ever threaten people.. just get it done.. threatening them will only allow them to know who to avoid so just don't threaten// just demo/screenshot their ass.. then feel free to threaten ^^

    and btw if by chance the servers even get to the 30/31 player mark...... kick anyone if they are afk for longer than 3-5 mins... yes even spectators... unless they are admin...(if ur an admin and you afk while on a team you are a fag)

    on regular days (lower than 25/31 players) you may kick people who are on a team that are afk for more than 3 mins.. to quicken up rounds as well as to insure there are no fake afkers.. etc..etc....

    have fun be a good admin ^^


    and finally for all those DEEJAYS that want to play music on the IBIS server.. you are fucking retarded.. if we really wanted to listen to music.. we can just get our ipods and shit.... and did you know there is a command for "real" music !music <<<<<<<<< gasp
    Ibis Steam Contest #2
    Canceled till further notice

    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

    Arrogance - only fags and assholes have them... You know who you are.

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    my personal little note

    Don't take no shit but follow the rules

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