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Thread: Why? I was told to wear the <ibis>

  1. Default Why? I was told to wear the <ibis>

    (ADMIN) }LW{-=|2icochet=-<ibis.a>: banned player scrumdeduhleeumpshess<ibis>
    You have been banned by Admin for 10080 minutes
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    uh, i bought the monthly admin subscription.

    anyone wanna tell me whats going on?

    Haha, Not too often.

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    Haha, Not too often.

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    you are already unbanned. You were immediately unbanned.

    You shouldn't put your tag on until you get your powers regardless of what the email states.

    When I type "ma_Admins" and don't see your name come up in the lists and you are tagged with ibis then you will be temp banned.

    Also, the proper admin tag is <ibis.a> not ,<ibis>

    Try to connect as I unbanned your steamID. I'll check back here. If you have problems post it and Zero will correct it.

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    When you receive a confirmation e-mail from me that tells you to put the <ibis.a> tag on means that I am currently in process of activating your admin. It is ok to put it on after getting that e-mail. I have not sent you one yet as I have not started today's activation batch. You should receive an e-mail by the end of the day. Sorry for any confusion

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    Yeah, I over reacted. but today is just awful, sorry for being so rude..

    Haha, Not too often.

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    It was partly my fault as well for booting you before hearing your side of the story. You didn't answer my first query and so I took it upon myself to protect the good ibis.a name

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    You did the right thing Rico, just triple check next time.

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