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Thread: Banned for no reason, again.

  1. Default Banned for no reason, again.

    Name in Game:Jeimuzu(James)
    Who banned you:cookie_monster, warhead, or g4ce (I think it was g4ce since both monster and warhead would have warned me)
    When:Saturday, Feb. 07, 12:14
    Where:Atix map
    Why banned:I was hiding in the building with a vender on top of me like I've seen so many other people do, and a zombie prenuked, and I think they just banned whoever was still alive.

    Other/Reason to unban: I wasn't warned, and I always try to follow the rules, if I do something wrong, I immediately try to make up for it. And in this case I did nothing wrong. I just survived.

  2. Default Banning

    We were on atix and had 2 prenukes but the zombie that did it knew what they were doin and killed themself b4 i could c who it was so i made no action. i usualy dont have a problem but there were a few kids on today! he is now unbanned but the next admin that has this problem needs to watch more carefuly b4 banning someone! when in dought kick

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    Regarding Atix i give a global warning to all players at the start 3 times during the first round being on the rail i will warn/kick pre-nukeing i will warn then a Hour ban im fucked off witha good map getting fucked up by kids

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