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Thread: First strike against net neutrality

  1. Unhappy First strike against net neutrality

    ESPN launches the first strike against net neutrality.

    forcing its customers to switch to an affiliate ISP in order to view its online video service

    This is just insane we need to put a stop to this bull shit at once.

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    omg zero u changed ur avatar =O

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    foolish people, have anyone not learned anything from selling music programs and dvd for rediculously expensive/absurd price? It will just lead to some hackers/crackers breaking the code/website structure to get access to the vids.. i thought espn was cool.. now their just a bunch of foolish foolish people who have no common sense

    greed its all greed

    because of corporate greed. i have stopped being legit long long ago.. now i just pirate some stuff (everything) to get what i want.. hey eventually these corporate morons will eventually learn their lesson
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