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Thread: No camp mod 4 GG

  1. Default No camp mod 4 GG

    Zero is there any way that the No camp mod could be put in

    its like camp galore when no admins are on

    also i made a mistake i slayed some dude during a knife fight vote
    i did apologize 4 it. to much beer!

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    a few years ago the true grit pub server had a mod that would admin say (in white across the screen) the player's name who had been idle for more than 15 secs in the same location. it worked in that server b\c they would get embarrassed and harassed when their name came up. not sure which server you are talking about or whether or not it would work though.

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    Gun game

    also there is one that slaps a bit of HP away from you. much more fun.

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    there's a gg server that has a thing that if a player stays in one spot for more than 3 sec he gets automatically beaconed till they move again

    now 3 secs is a bit fast but apart from that it's not a bad idea i think ^^

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    Starfish smells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=NYS=- C.O. View Post
    Starfish smells.
    sorry, I PEW'd on him.

    Zero, the beacon idea is cool if you could implement that.
    I can send you pictures of my nude turtle gf in exchange.


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    i'm a girl btw

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    No way.
    I fucking HATE no camp mod...
    I think a bit of camping aint too bad...
    its part of the game I should say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfish :3 View Post
    i'm a girl btw
    so then u just smell like blood and kooch juice.

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    well I tried to think of having ever punished anyone for camping in the gg server since it opened and I never have. never had a problem with it so I would vote no change is needed.

    the maps are usually pretty small...
    I.e. hiding in the tree on simpsons is already a dead give away w\o having a beacon. pop one guy and 5 enemies will notice...
    or should notice in my opinion lol!

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