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Thread: Dear Project

  1. Default Dear Project

    I was playing for about 6 maps and you come in and after 2 maps you set the next map to complex, I find that very annoying and I'm almost sure that you would feel the same way, if you could just send me a pm and ask next time you would like to set it to a different map as i would do the same.
    that would be greatly appreciated thank you. and i know that i made a mistake by Slaying fish that i apologized for that was my fault undoubtedly.

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    Was there any admin on before you? If not then your OK, you were senior admin on.

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    i was there the longest

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    Ya see you have to set these women straight. This is what you do and say... "Look woman ! Don't you ever set the map without my consent ever !! Or else you will get the pimp slap !! Got it !!! "

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    side note*

    clan is always senior admin, even if not first to connect.

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    Garry I completely agree with your thoughts on this concept.

    However, the only reason this would be a worthy discussion would be if your ass had not been sitting in spec for the 2 maps before. Would you rather I kick you out of spec and make myself senior admin? I think not.

    I'm not trying to start anything, but seniority in a server only works if in fact you arent AFK during that long of a period.

    Everyone knows I hate complex, i set it for them because I was leaving.

    Please don't call me Dear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by +project.s+ View Post
    please don't call me dear.

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    Actually that is a good point, if you were afk in spec it is the equivalent of disconnecting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Actually that is a good point, if you were afk in spec it is the equivalent of disconnecting...
    you must prove theyre afk by typing to them and getting no responce. other wise you cant kick them. me zero and jig had this issue before. can you kick an afk admin? or an admin in spec for long periods of time taking up a slot?

    at the time, i got the go ahead. but then again, im subject to special privledges ::thumbs up::

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    i was not afk i was doing my job as a admin by spectating,
    (you cant catch them sly hackers no other way as i thought that GB clan kid was doing )
    and i was still talking via admin chat once or twice, i was there the entire time you set the map. but lets not carry on the subject thanks for understanding.

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