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Thread: Everything delayed 7 days min

  1. Arrow Everything delayed 7 days min

    My computer has been destroyed and I will be unable to obtain the spares or replace it for about 7 days. Until then everything is now on hold. I am sorry for the people that just ordered admin. Once I get it back up I will get you activated right away.

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    way to go zero let this be a lesson learn not to let chicks that are drinking near your computer hahahahaha

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    Arg. I thought this supercomputer could lick your balls while playing or whatever you said it did.

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    It is going to be longer as it looks like the computer is done for.

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    What the fuck happened?

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    Holes magically appeared in the tubing that cools the cpu in a case that contains no sharp parts. The holes also are very small, so I guess I got gremlins running around. Anyways, this failure broke the computer and now I will half to have my old one set back up here and rebuilt. I am going to try an rma the cpu but it could even be the motherboard and I can not fix it at all if that is the case until late May. Also durring that time the case will be rebuilt to make it impossible for it to be accessed from the outside.

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    You got rodents. They chewed your shit.

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    No, there were no bite marks. More likely something that walks on two legs... or an act of god.

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    It was tanner with a drill?

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    No, but I doubt that god came down with a needle to my tube just to fuck me over. Then again it is not like this is surprising with my luck, that merical holes appear in non moving tubes while the computer is just sitting there.

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