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    I'm leaving to study aboard tomorrow in england. its been awesome playing with everyone the past 6 months on the zombie mod server. I know I'm really the newest guy to all this but I had a blast. I won't be able to play over there. zero I wanna keep purchasing admin to help hold up the server. so don't cancel it. I wanna have it when I come back. I wanna give a shout out to the great guys I played with online, no matter how annoying they think I was being lol; mr. black mr white, rezel, 3L37R0, koolayed (your internet jokes need touch ups), sperminator, STFU, kavinsky, immortal, and even internet badass(he's a hater magnet on this forum). anyone I might have forgot my bad. see you guys on the flip side.

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    You and Spaztech should hook up.

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    You could always go to a gaming cafe and game from England. You should get decent ping there actually. I suppose you will be back in the summer so I will half to hold out until then to take your shit down

    Until then best of luck and have a great time over there

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    You and Spaztech should hook up.
    LMAO Check if there's one where your heading... Where abouts in england you going btw ?
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    cheers, hell while you're over there you should look up sir curdy

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    I'll be the university of cambridge. after a nice semester there I'll be back here graduating with my law degree and pass the bar here in arizona. as for the internet cafe's I'll check them out but come on guys you know when I play, its like a curse bomb goes off lol, i don't think it would be right in public. If I do get a chance I'll definitly try to play but no guarantees guys. but for anyone who knows the cambridge area pm me cause I don't wanna look like a tourist when I'm over there. oh and the big thing is I need to know of a great pub or any pub that will show american baseball games. thanks guys.

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