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Thread: Banned M@Dc0w STEAM_0:0:6353444

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    Name: M@Dc0w
    Time: 1:10AM US central
    Banning Admin: Mag0p. Whytobiz | <ibis>

    I am M@Dc0w, Took me 20 minutes to get off knife level, first nade I threw at an enemy team kills Whytobiz so he slays me. So I started team killing him every round. I would of kept killing him until I got to Para but he banned me before then.

    Not sure how long ban is...............perhaps he will post >.>
    take a guess who I am >.>
    5) Be respectful and non offensive of our community and its members regardless of race sex, or religious beliefs.
    ......I lol'd

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    whats the reason to the post. your story is fairly accurate. it was a 1 day ban.

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    Seems pretty straight forward to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    Seems pretty straight forward to me.
    its almost... too easy...

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    LOL i know right? We never see this happen, it should be cherished.

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