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Thread: Now with backups!

  1. Lightbulb Now with backups!

    So as some of know the forums got pwned when they wiped themselves out and my one backup from months earlier did not work.

    Today I have fixed this issue. For one I learned that the database can be backed up via a cron command this would have been useful to know before but hey I really had to search around to figure out that you could even do it this way, and it is a good thing that it can be done this way b/c it is free and easy. Second I learned that making it backup to a different file each week and overwriting the old file is a pain in the ass, such a pain in the ass that I did not do it. Instead it is on 3 day intervals b/c there is no real way to run weekly.

    The important thing is that the forums now auto backup on: wensday, saturday and once a month. To three auto overwriting files.

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    Great, We alll learn from mistakes, now don't let it happen again. lol

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