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Thread: EPIC cade on ZM!

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    Default EPIC cade on ZM!

    Check this out!

    I don't know how to change the image size. Sorry
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    Why not post the image as an attachment on the forums so it is full size....

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    Also this thread should be in the discussions section under the Counter Strike: Source heading. Zero will move it if he so desires.

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    Ok let me try.

    Attached Images

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    Me and Badass made that first, then everyone followed us next round
    twas quite epic indeed.

    It was literally concreted to itself, no part of it would move after we got like 15 or so props.
    it was awesome. 190% Zombie Proof.

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    i have seen alot of good cades and that is best one iv'e seen by far.

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    beautiful! Wish we could vote on some good maps like this when im on ZM.

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    My god that is nice, what map is that?

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    I am not sure, it's some high school that is pretty simple. Not many places to cade.

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