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Thread: Mic spammer STEAM_0:0:22464260

  1. Default Mic spammer STEAM_0:0:22464260

    Spammed zombie server for a good 30 minutes with shitty music.

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    I am supporting Fish's request. He also poses as other people (specifically those with mics) and begins sullying their reputation with annoying sounds and music. He does come in once in a while and begins his god awful mic spams. I do remember him being muted on one day, then after a couple of hours when he joins as a different name, he continues to mic spam. He was banned for 5 minutes in another instance and he came back when no admins were present and began doing his routine.

    He is one of those people who are just out there to ruin people's fun; one who takes pleasure on other people's misery.

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