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Thread: Tru...banned for nothing at all

  1. Default Tru...banned for nothing at all

    Name: Tru
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:10249394
    Who banned : Kurxzen (Something like that)
    Same day as this post...11PMish EST--Wednesday 18th of Feb

    Was banned because when the map switched to jurassic park they thought I was someone who was crashing the server repeatedly thru some sort of spam. I'm sure after they banned me they caught the real person. I just started playing on your zombiemod server the other day..

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    I was there when that happened. We were simply figuring out who is the one responsible for repeatedly crashing the server and because you came in recently, and never seen you before, we can only suspect those people that could be potential hackers. I'm sure the ban is only temporary so go ahead and try joining. If not, just ask Zero. And no need to stress out that you were banned for nothing. It was for a good cause to catch the hacker. Also, I am sorry that you had to experience that when the hacker showed up and ruined our fun.

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