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Thread: Happy birthday Susie!!!

  1. Default Happy birthday Susie!!!

    have a happy birthday. the big 22!!! lol

    love you.
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    LOL omg, gross.

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    hahaha, nice card...

    ya kiddo, happy birthday!

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    Happy Birthday ! Awww I'm so happy that Eric created this thread just for you. I'm about to cry !! Awwwwww I feel like melting !

  5. Smile

    Happy Birthday!
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  6. Cool

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    I hope your brother stuck to his guns and wished you a "happy bad birthday"'

    Yea... Happy birthday
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    Yeah, Happy Birthday, kid!
    To fly west, my friend, is a flight we all must take for a final check.

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    hahha thanks everyone

    MBP: not really gross. pretty nice actually haha

    Nemesis: Don't call me kid, lol your younger then me foool

    CO: thanks, now stfu lol leave eric alone..for now :P i'm only allowed to make fun of him jk eric

    Zero: Thank you as well, i'm glad to see you have a fetish for something else other then you computer. pussy.

    THANKS EVERYONE!! it was a worthy birthday. def what you would expect. well most of u some of you not so much


    super thanks to eric, muah, much appreciated. now wheres my present? :P

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