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Thread: Admin unauthorized unbanning

  1. Default Admin unauthorized unbanning

    I would like to know who's the idiot admin who keeps unbanning |2ool. This is the third time this has happened.

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    lmao again?

    i knew someone unbanned him once but now 3 times? lmao whoever it was is gonna be sorry now.

    poor future-banned admin.

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    get me tools steam id and I can back trace the admin who ran the command

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    His STEAMid is STEAM_0:1:13506683. Who ever is unbanning players without consulting the admin who ban them,should have some serious consequences to deal with.

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    lastly what server was he unbanned from

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    pub server i think

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    el publo!!!

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    Ohhhh, this is turning into a soap opera... dum dum dummmmm. lol.

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    k... from the logs I have determined that he has never been banned from the pub

    Also according to the logs he has been playing on the pub at least once a week for about 10 months. Also it can be estimated that he is slapped and beaconed about 99.9999999% more often than any other player. The logs of him being slapped or beaconed take up a massive % of the servers log. In fact I think that as much as 10% of the entire pub server log from almost a year is just logs of him having console commands run on him from slap and beacon to being kicked for high ping or reserved slot.

    So now I am totally lost

    Why exactly is he supposed to be banned I am really lost now

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    oh fuck, i hope someone didnt mess up, i just saw him in the pub and banned him O.0

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