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Thread: Internet Bad Ass -- Admin Abuse

  1. Default Internet Bad Ass -- Admin Abuse

    NYS will back this up 100%

    I was playing with the usually group at 1:20 PM Central and NYS was in the gungame server. Nemesis, who is always on you server during the day, was playing as his usual self running around.

    Nemesis was in the lead and all of a sudden he was slain for no reason by Internet Bad Ass. The immediate response of everyone playing was WTF just happened? Nemesis thought NYS did it. He did not and informed Nemesis of this.

    Nemesis politely asked why he was slain and Internet Bad Ass did not really give him a response. Nemesis enraged asked him again about the issue but this time a little upset.

    Without warning Internet Bad Ass Kicked and Banned Nemesis on the spot.

    That's not right! Which is why I am staring this post.

    Internet Bad Ass needs to loose his Admin rights!

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    you beat me to it punisher, but yes, he pretty much got it right. he also slayed 2 high, who was in the lead with me, and also for no reason. is this the kind of action we should come to expect from ibis admins?

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    I second that.

    He also slayed 2 High for "camping." 2 High was the leader at the time, on glock.
    To fly west, my friend, is a flight we all must take for a final check.

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    Server changed maps. The first knife fight came up and he launches the opponite in the air and drops him so he kills himself. WTF.. I like how IBIS has changed in the last year, but this guy needs to go

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    Yes I back this thread up 100%. This admin has abused his admin for no reason. He needs his powers taken away.

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    He is going to lose slay and perma ban on all servers. If I hear of this again before I can take these powers away or if it gets worse he will lose admin and or get banned.

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    Thank you Zero. It is very much appreciated.

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    sigh, good thing slay doesnt work on zombie mod.

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    Yea, but it can be used to lag the shit out the server. You are on thin ice so be warned.

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