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Thread: banned 4 headshotting admin 3x

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    STEAM ID = STEAM_0:0:15522625

    Name = HyDro

    Yo Zero... This is HyDro... I used to be admin for around 6-12 months before my bank sold a few of their branches to a different bank, changing my checking account, etc... Causing the admin payment to be cancelled...

    Maybe 2 weeks after this happened, I was on the GG playing with only like 8 or 9 players in jungle... Their was an admin in their without the ibis.a tag... all he had was ibis.... Later I was told that by nissan that he, zero (you), and someone else was the lead admins, as I already knew...

    I forget his useless name, but I headshot him 3x in a row, with my record showing something like 13-8... Not a hacker record at all, he just got pissed off, and perma banned me...

    This was around 2 - 3 months ago as well.... I really really hate this guy for doing it, and I think his priveleges should be provoked and he should be perma banned for that nonsense... If you were to mention the head admins from 2 months ago or so, I would remember his name, maybe he is still head admin? I am not sure, but all I know is he obviously got pissed because he died and perma banned me, a former admin from 2 weeks ago, which I was actually going to reapply for admin before that crap happened...

    I really didn't care, thinking that he only banned me for an hour, or a day, or a week... well 2 months later, i am still banned, thinking its obviously a perma ban...

    I doubt that you condone with any of these actions, and if you want to, you can list some of the head admins from a month or 2 ago and we can get this guys powers provoked...


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    I'd just like to throw my word in behind hydro. I dont recall him doing anything deserving a perma ban, he was a good guy to play with... definitely one of the players that add to the quality of the server.
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    I will unban you as soon as I can, was the name:


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    Annihilation was it.

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