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    Has anyone else got into the beta for this? I just got my key today!

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    Never heard of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
    Never heard of it.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    I have it
    The Complete WCS Guide
    (Click on it)

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    Locust#1431 add me Tom

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    I got this a few days ago. Passarelli#1876 is my ID.

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    currently 3 star silver working my way up when i'm off work

    REALLY love this game, i imagine it's gonna be mah new go-to game for a long time to come

    p.s. gettin' real sick of your shit, mages
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    I'm two star plat

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    I don't even play Hearthstone anymore; the draft system, the huge advantage whoever goes 2nd gets, and just not enough depth make me cringe.

    If you guys would like more in depth card games then this, you may want to check out Hex. There are lots of videos out there. It is still in alpha, but it is looking great so far.

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