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Thread: 3 word game!

  1. Cool nvm.

    3 word game, post three word at a time and see with what kind of crazy sentence we can come up with, try to make each sentence about 8 posts long... il start

    two guys went....
    Last edited by (USMC)Cornholio; 02-24-2009 at 08:00 PM. Reason: I are Stupid,lol

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    making pointless threads.

  3. Default

    ? I was playing the game... I am lost

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    Ok lets start.....

  5. Default

    with turtle's pew...

    well zero, I still don't know exactly if you meant it but...if you look at your comment for a me, it looks like a sarcastic hint that what im doing is absolutely pointless and stupid and kinda saying " why would you even post this" ...especially just because it was coming from the administrator. but if you were actually playing it then...whatever,big misinterpretation on my part...and im sorry for that...but the other factor on that is that you ended it with a period, so that added to the thought in my mind that you were making a statement.

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    pew boom boom.

    Why do you think it was 3 words lol? Also I made it as a joke because I knew some people would think that it was and that was my way of poking fun at them. If I really thought it was pointless I would have closed the thread after I made that post.

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    well the fact that it was a 3 word post was what i thought , the sarcastic part lol....whatever lets just keep it going.

    I like big...

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    pew pew pew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    pew pew pew.
    I like big, pew pew pew,
    after my turtle,

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    Quote Originally Posted by deprodigy View Post
    I like big, pew pew pew,
    after my turtle,
    I like big, pew pew pew,
    after my turtle, Bit my Dog,

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