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Thread: Prenuking in ATIX_Helicopter

  1. Default Prenuking in ATIX_Helicopter

    I'm in a horrible mood right now just after trying to babysit everyone in ATIX_Helicopter. Of course when admins are not around, complete anarchy begins. Every single round in the last map have been prenuked. To add the cherry on the cake, there was one fellow who I deemed was the most irritating mic spammer ever (thankfully he was muted via !votemute numerous times; unfortunately it was near the end of the map).

    Because admins are never around most of the time (I assume they have more of a life than myself) I vote that we remove ATIX helicopter off the map list for good. I think most people in the server can agree that when admins are not present, there will be prenukers pretty much every single round. It really makes the game, in my opinion, very less enjoyable when people just don't follow rules.

    Here are the following three people that were caught prenuking. Although like my other requests, I fear they won't be punished at all (at least to my knowledge).

    "Epic!! one shot two kills" STEAM_0:0:12505630
    "Wootang | M0nk" STEAM_0:1:14660261
    "Sivvers" STEAM_0:1:3764572

    If anyone bothers to view them, you only need to glimpse at the first 10 seconds pretty much.

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    This is very disheartening news.
    The wrongdoers should be punished immediately; a giant dildo inserted into their rectum may be appropriate punishment?

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    They can only be punished after I review the demos. I had no computer for like 2 weeks and my current one barely runs CSS without crashing, it actually crashes about 3 times a day if I try to play CSS. But, trust me I will review these demos and they will be punished

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    I'd love to punish them, but when i punish people they usually come to the forums and bitch...go figure.

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    Well so far in my experience whenever you're playing when I'm playing, there hasn't been a significant amount of admin abuse from you. Sure a quick blind/drug was only for jokes, but nothing too harsh I've seen, in my opinion, has been administered by you. Then again I play only the zombie server and lately I haven't seen you around much in the zm server. When I first seen you in ZM and still now, I don't have any beef with you.

    On a different topic, I feel I should start recording every single round from here on out on certain maps:
    all lila_panic_<thing> (due to consistent cade breaking)
    spacestation_flee (due to people shutting doors early and blocking the airlock passage)
    ATIX_Helicopter (for obvious reasons)

    So far those are the main ones I can think of.

    Anyways, thanks for the replies as I know now it has been acknowledged and people are aware of the seriousness of the absence of admins.

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    Yet another day in ATIX, I've recorded more demos of people prenuking. I still vouch to remove ATIX_Helicopter from the map list. This occurred just a moment ago.

    The following is 4 more demos each very short. 3 of the 4 is John Rambo and the last is by the name of StrifeJordan11. From now on, I will send .rar files of all the demos that I would like to share including a notepad that includes all known perpetrators' Steam ID.

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    Hobo, again very disheartening news.

    If it makes you feel any better though, I shot StrifeJordan11's head off on Space Station today. It did not end well for him.

  8. Default can just fix the posions jumping abilities for atix.... so then they dont jump as high.

    Spacestation, your screw no matter what, but if u can get a demo your in good shape.

    Lila panic, constant mic spam and to many complainers. leave the server till map changes.

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