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Thread: ZM Weapon Weights

  1. Arrow ZM Weapon Weights

    Weapon                                 Weight
    ak47                                    2.00
    aug                                     2.00
    awp                                     0.50
    deagle                                  3.00
    elite                                   3.01
    famas                                   2.25            
    fiveseven                               3.10
    g3sg1                                   0.50
    galil                                   2.25            
    glock                                   3.50
    hegrenade                               4.00
    knife                                  10.00
    m249                                    1.25            
    m3                                      1.75
    m4a1                                    2.00            
    mac10                                   2.75            
    mp5navy                                 2.50            
    p228                                    3.10
    p90                                     2.30                                
    scout                                   3.75
    sg550                                   0.50
    sg552                                   2.00            
    tmp                                     2.75            
    ump45                                   2.60
    usp                                     3.10
    xm1014                                  1.75
    zombie_claws_of_death                   1.10
    The weight is the multiple that will be applied to skill changes when a kill or zombie infection occurs. So a kill with a run with 2.00 weight is worth twice the skill change then a weapon with 1.00. This effects both the amount you gain and the amount your victim loses.

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    so if u noob it upa nd knife an afk zombie u gain mad points?

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    hell ya son!!!! knifing AFK zombies is always fun, now I'm gonna be able to tell who is playing for stats (like me) and who is playing just for fun. too bad there might be alot of people trying to knife a zombie now

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    Well what it means is that you get 10 times the score and they lose ten times the score vs a weight of 1. So, if you knife a zombie it is equal to killing that same player 5 times with an ak or turning them into a zombie about 10 times or killing them with a para like 9.5 times.

    You will notice the three lowest weapons are the para and shotguns.

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    This thread should be posted somewhere that people can take a look at it.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Maybe we shouldn't, considering we are trying to take away the emphasis of rank to influence play.

    If rank didn't exist, I'm sure people would enjoy themselves a lot more. I know I do.

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    true, and we should reduce the points awarded by the scout to that of the awp, there equally useless aganst most zombies.

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    i think if we add a award for getting into the top10 for a prize of a vip skin would make every crazy with rank lawl

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    I love my rank but its not the important thing to me anymore, its the awards on the stat page that I'm gunning for.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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