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Thread: Got banned need help plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    I recently got kicked by admin Slasher and when he kicked me he said "Thats what you get you cuntch" so i simply joined back and said "LOL wat is a cuntch?" so he appareantly had a temper and he perma banned me.I do not see the reason for a perma ban.So i would like to speak to any admins regarding this because this did not seem like a good punishment for wat happened and i will either speak to an IBIS admin or someone different who could maybe help.Thank you.
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    You should probably post this in the right section. Here is the link to the "Unban Me" section

    Make sure you follow this formatting

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    well since it hasn't been moved yet. I was the other admin that kicked you, YOU JUST GOT E - SLAPPED. I kicked you for cade breaking numerous cades. SLASHER said he banned you for a minute. plus I just saw you playing. next time follow the simple rules and you won't get into trouble.

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    I saw you cade breaking repeatedly and gave you a 30 minutes ban. My ban must have went into effect right after slasher's. I saw you on about 30 minutes later. I do think (in my opinion) slasher and res give too long of bans. They constantly do 1 day bans. I have only banned (if I remember correctly) 4 people and slasher and res seem ban happy.

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    UMM... i havent ever perm banned anyone on the server yet. plus i banned u for 30 minutes SO GET UR FUCKING SHIT STRIGHT before u come make a fool out of your self next time, i was thinking about a longer ban for all of your offences next time becuse of this i wont think twice.

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    As the second non admin to post in this topic, I would like to add that you ztele away from zombies numerous times...even in their faces. For example, it was Winterfun where I pinned you against that wooden shack and you zteled away from me. I zteled to follow you and you were running like a chicken without its head at spawn. As soon as I came close, you zteled away again. It took me a total of 7 zteles to finally catch up to you (which I believe you ran out). You gotta stop ztele away, bud. End of story.

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