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Thread: Ban Request: Inf

  1. Default Ban Request: Inf

    Time:21:36 PCT
    Why: He kicked me from the server while he was a commander because i voted him off
    Proof: I have no clue how to do this, considering when i was kicked it doesnt tell the person, and i cant go and show that i spoke out.
    Other: I believe this is the man that did this, or one of his friends, unless this server for some reason kicks for something that can be disabled
    Game: NS2, posted in wrong section, sorry

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    Post it in the rules section, there is a tab for admin abuse, which seems to be what this is about, its a bit trickier for NS2 since I do not know how the demos work.

    On the plus side, the minecraft section has been seeing some action recently!
    I hit Brett right in the feels.

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