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Thread: Admin Abuse by =BS=tecms25

  1. Default Admin Abuse by =BS=tecms25

    Admins Ingame name: =BS=tecms25
    You're Ingame name: inthebutt
    (both players are admins)


    I've email you already about this admin. he constantly does what he wants with no regards for other admins on the server. today was the breaking point as shown in one of the demo's I was able to capture today. The map was RTVed to ROY_THE_SHIP in which people started asking for a map change. tec was on and decided to change the map to DE_DUST after a round. now I don't really mind all that senior admin stuff but when he doesn't even ask me or the other admin on at the time if a map change was alright, he just changes it.

    Second point it clearly states in the TOS do not change the gravity on any map as it will crash the server. Map was changed to DE_DUST and gravity was changed to 0. I wasn't able to use my mic to tell him not to change the gravity, I could only type in chat. I told him a total of 4 times to change it back in which he proceeded to call me "dr. phil on estrogine" and changed the gravity back. while this was going on I was getting lip from both raptor and silent about how they didn't like me. I banned silent for tell me he was gonna cade break my cades again and raptor for disrespecting an admin. they have both been unbanned by =BS=tecms25.

    He clearly has no respect for other admins who are trying to enforce the rules. He is using his admin for his own personal gain. This has to be dealt with zero. this isn't the first time he has undone one of my admin commands. on numerous occasions he has abused his admin. plenty of people have demos of him doing. I'm just gonna be the first to start the process of punishing this admin. I can also say with 100% confidence that I have never used any admin commands on him or have undone any of his admin commands. I'm trying to keep this server enjoyable but this guy is just doing what he wants. more demo's will be posted shortly.

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    Whoa whoa whoa, before you even start with this admin abuse thing, lets get down to it eh. A: Your pissed because everyone wanted to go to DUST, and I changed it, even though you change the maps on senior admins all the time. B: You banned two people for absolutely no reason but the pure hatred of them, even though they did nothing wrong. C: I changed the gravity on DUST to 150 because everyone agreed it would be fun. D: Anyone that was in the server at that time will agree with me that I did nothing wrong. E: If you want to talk admin abuse lets talk about you random bans for people that have done nothing wrong. So if you really think that i'm in the wrong here, lets ask the people who play the server frequently and were on at that time.

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    Okay for starters How did I disrespect you by saying "I don't like inthebutt." Last time I checked personal opinion is not a ban worthy offense, or for that matter an offense. Silent also never said he was going to break your cade. Every one was having a good time. Back to my point, your hasty bans not only put a bad example on you, but also the people you represent. I have a lot of respect for most admins, and players on that server, but with that said, you have shown the most immaturity out of any of them.

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    inthebutt, what did i say to you when we were in the server? I never claimed i was going to break your cade and i never insulted you once. I stated that if you broke my cade again i would break yours in return just like you did last night. Also the map was on de_dust2 and you were in spec to make your claim even more pointless.

    All i stated to you since you banned me was that if you break some ones cade enough your going to have to deal with them getting fed up with you. And since your an admin and did nothing to stop the people around you or yourself then your orders for me to stop are pointless and hypocritical. Don't use the excuse i was giving you lip as a reason to ban me when i clearly have reason to be angry.

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    wow this is awesome. =bs= tecms25 congrats you do have a little following. today was just the day I post your admin abuse dude. there have been many, many other instances where you where abusing way to much. you know it and I know it, try actually sticking up for your actions. I'll admit I did ban rapter and silent for 7 days. Raptor jesus you can't read can you?? I said in my first post I banned you for disrespecting an admin, if you would read the rules they'll explain what falls under it. Silent again I banned you last night cause you said "go ahead and ban me I don't care" were those not your exact words?? yes or no??. you got again today for saying and I will quote it "I'll break you cade again and I'll keep doing it". but tec I expect more from you, your the only admin that abuses his powers. none of the other admins do it and weren't you the one who said "I'll do what I want, zero wouldn't take my admin away from me"???. oh and what about the incident the other night when I had mulitlple people complaining about you freezing them on mario escape cause everyone was frustrating you and than banning IMGONNAGETCHA for saying she had a demo of you abusing your admin. I'm not gonna argue with you tec and I'm gonna be straight with you. I think your the worst admin on and I just posted what I had. I can't do anything to you nor will I do anything to you. I still find it funny how only the players you unbanned will stick up for you.

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    "Silent again I banned you last night cause you said "go ahead and ban me I don't care" were those not your exact words??"

    As i stated in the other post i did not care that you banned me because i did not care about your threats so i said go ahead.

    "you got again today for saying and I will quote it "I'll break you cade again and I'll keep doing it"."

    No i never said that and there is multiple witnesses. I clearly stated that if you did what you did last night and break my cade ill continue to break yours in retaliation. You are making up lines. I responded to this post because no one was complaining about the map being on de_dust2 or the gravity. We were all having fun something you seem to ignore when your on the server. As for the line about players he unbanned sticking up for him, ya its true we are sticking up for him because he is friendly and is trying to make the game fun unlike you.

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    Alright, just read through every rule. No where does it state "It is a bannable offense to speak your opinion of an admin." And unless you can prove other wise with a direct quote I some how missed, I will be reporting you for admin abuse.
    And as far as tec banning imgonnagetcha, you where not there that night, She was being a complete bitch and showing DIRECT disrespect. Also Sure tec does have a little following, but now I feel have to ask. Who is standing up for you?

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    Whether or not inthebutt was wrong with banning. ONLY Zero has the power to unban people. No other admin or member besides JIGSAW have the power to unban anyone. This is the reason why we have FORUMS. There's a section called UNBAN ME. Meaning state your case and wait for Zero's reply.


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    May i ask who unbanned imgonagetcha?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent View Post
    May i ask who unbanned imgonagetcha?

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