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Thread: Plz UnBan!

  1. Default Plz UnBan!

    Well i have been playing on ur pub number 1 for the past couple of days and i really enjoyed ur server. im not great, but there are times when i pull of some crazy shit. and i enjoyed ur server because no1 ever called hacks and evry1 was cool as hell. well today about 7:00 pm eastern, i was on with some friends and a ringer and we all got banned. what for idk, but it soon came to my attention that some was going to unban us and even apologized for what happened. well this person who was telling us this was talking to our ringer and our ringer said some stupid remarks. he informed me of this and i got pissed at him for said remarks and that i was becoming a regular on ur server and like d playing there. well by then it was to late and the person trying to resolve the situation got pissed (as they had all the right in the world to) and basically said we werent going to get unbanned and that we were never playing on any of his servers.

    am asking to get unbanned because our ringer does not reflect me nor any1 else at xC. it was a case of contacting the wrong person and our ringer being a prick. if nothing comes of this then at least i was able to try and set things right. gl hf.

    xC // UnSc^_-pe STEAM_0:0:8156092

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    oh yeah.. i was there, it was Ghosting. You guys were telling each other where the others were. I forgot who did the ban, i think it was Dual.

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    You guys got banned for using vent (GHOSTING) it consider cheating and will be treated as such!

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    Yea it was funny. There were 3 of them. One of them was on spec while the other 2 were playing. It was pretty obvious what they were doing. Try your bullshit on some other server.

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    ringer!!!???!?!??! omg... you should be banned from the forums just for that.... ringer!?!?!? in pub?!?!? lol... gg peace

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    what?!? ghosting!?! yes we had a ringer with us, we were about to start scrimming. he said he needed to warm up, i had the server in my comment and i said join the pub i was in. so yes, when i say ringer, i mean ringer, as odd as it sounds, people do sometimes need to warmup.

    as for ghosting, how can u tell im ghosting when u r not even in the vent im in. i wont deny i was in vent with the rest of my team, because i was. as for always having one of our guys spec, i cant say anything on that because i didnt see any of it, not because it wasnt there, but because i wasnt looking. but it doesnt matter, because no1 was saying anything in vent. just because we happen to know where u r does not mean we were ghosting. how many times do people in ur server walk? how many people actually think of using their radars? if i see u cross to a corner and not come out, im gonna make an educated guess and say ur still in that corner. but even more than that, why would i ghost? how can one better themselves in this game if they know where evry1 is at any given moment? u cant. and if u think u can, ur dead wrong.

    why im writing, because i actually liked ur server. it was fun. i will rephrase an earlier statement and say that most of the people on ur server are cool as hell. i would still like to play there. thats why im taking my precious time trying to be civil to this clan. say what u want, i dont care. and no, there were more than 3 of us on.

    it was :
    xC // UnSc^_-pe (me)
    xC // Killick
    xC // epiC
    Skyskrape (he wasnt tagged up)
    ^vaginagrinder (the ringer)

    and as a parting thought till the next entertaining post, just because u play the game a lot, does not make u an expert on ghosting. so plz, dont come to me and say that. earleri today i was accused of walling on ur server on assualt. luckily enough some of the other people who were pubbing at the time explained the ability to use a map and shoot at something u cant see on ur screen.

    xC // UnSc^_-pe

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    Without a demo there can be no perma ban as there is no real proof of these accusations. I would recommend however that you keep a close eye on him and next time get the required demo of him ghosting or benefiting from ghosting so that he can be perma baned.

    For now he is getting a second chance, he will be unbanned only when I get around to it because I do not fully believe that he is totally clean. I know you guys and trust your judgment but we all still need to get demos for the perma ban unless I can see from the stats or logs.

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    so i was wondering if i was gonna get unbanned sometime soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnSc^_-pe View Post
    so i was wondering if i was gonna get unbanned sometime soon?

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    Its really been becoming a pain in the ass lately, due to all these idiots ghosting and venting, this can be dealt with to, by making sure when you die on the server you can only see the side your on when your dead.

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