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Thread: Error/hack zombie server

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    I don't know if this is a bug on the server or some one hacking it but it occurred twice already. Every one in the server suddenly has there ping jumped to over 600 and gets booted by the server. This happened at 2:04 am on 3/31/09.This was the second time it had occurred. When i looked into console i saw this line about a hundred times, i also asked [smut] matter he also had the same things but he did not get kicked.

    Performance warning: Mark bone 'ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand' in model 'player\techknow\zombie_torso\torso.mdl' as being used by bone merge in the .qc!

    I think some one should look into it.

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    That is a normal error it would not have caused your problem, I do however know what did and it was an exploiter. I will check the logs and issue perma bans. Thanks for the info

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    No log, means it was a different type of attack or just the server doing some auto updates late at night ect. If something like that occurs again or especially at different hours let me know.

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    yeah silent i kinda noticed that when i looked at console i wondered if there was ever a mistake of that happening
    but zero already explained it

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