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    Due too the complications, the minecraft servers have been migrated to a new server. This new server has a much better CPU than the last. This equates to even better performance!
    The new ip address for the minecraft FTB server is

    The FTB server is currently running Direwolf20 version .23
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    On a note should I just set up a domain pointer to the ip like I do for the other ibis servers. It seems like the ip for the MC server changes like once a year lol and I suppose at min it would make it easy to remember. Although I guess it would be pointless if the port is also changing all the time.

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    Due to a nasty bug where tiles could not be deleted, or force removed, after a bugged or crashed event I was forced to update to 1.0.25 from 1.0.23. After hours of testing before the upgrade and hours playing after the upgrade I have seen no issues. Players should not have lost anything whatsoever.

    You will need to click Direwolf20 and then in the drop down menu change '1.0.23' or 'recommended' to 1.0.25

    This was emergency maintenance and not a planned event.

    Thank you for playing with us.

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    So, is this server no longer available?

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    thanks for sharing Minecraft sunucusuna girmek benim için oldukça kolay çünkü modsuper'in bir versiyonunda sadece Tıklamak, geliştiriciler minecraft'ın sıcak bir versiyonu üzerinde çalışıyor.
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