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Thread: Hello Everyone on IBIS

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    Default Hello Everyone on IBIS

    My name on CSS is OpiĘt and I just wanted to say that I love the ZM server! Whenever I play CSS %99.9 of the time I am on your server. I also wanted to say hello to everyone that frequents the forums and to introduce myself at the same time.

    I have a question though as being a noob to the entire Counter Strike Source game I was wondering how I would find and play on your other servers also for I really enjoying playing with the people that are on your servers. I also hope that I have not upset anyone on your server and remember anytime that I do just call me a noob and let me know what I did wrong as to not do it again =) I try to be as respectful as possible at all times.

    Ok well you guys take it easy and have a great day =D if anyone has anytime handy leave me a reply I will be sure to check this post frequently.

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    Our server IPs are listed on the server page of

    you can either click on them in which it will load CS:S and join the server for you, or copy and paste the IP into your favorites.

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    they are also listed on the bottom of the forum home page and on the side of every page on the main site, also you can see them on the motd screen of every server.

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