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Thread: Who's unbanning Demonater10?

  1. Default Who's unbanning Demonater10?

    So, who's doing it?

    Twice now...

    Demonater is going to be my special project. I will not relent until he spends 7 CONSECUTIVE days on the ban list...

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    rico, you are being nice! I thought he would get another 7 days and 7 days added every time he was unbanned. he should be at 14 days now in my opinion (if I catch him on I perma). the admin will be found in the logs though, its just a matter of time until he boots up and gets a chance to go over them. no admin that I can remember has ever gotten away with unbanning.

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    the admin who is doing this will recieve a huge diduction in his admin powers.

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    Demonater if your reading this, which most likely you are. Just take the full 7 day ban. You've already got zero's approval to wear the [K.K.K.] tag. Now take Rico's 7 day (consecutive) ban. This issue has been going on way to long. you would have served all 7 days this sunday. I want you back on the ZM server as well but even I have to follow rules. If I can do it so can you. As for the admin who did unban demonater, you better know what kind of trouble your in now.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    Ok, I have placed the baned manually this time so that there is no way that any error ect can result in him getting unbanned. Also this is a BAN by me now. Anyone who unbans my ban will have thier admin REMOVED or they themsleves banned from the server.

    This underminding on the regulations stops here.

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