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Thread: Maps you hate the most in Zmod

  1. Default Maps you hate the most in Zmod

    Just seeing if can get a general consensus for Zero on what maps should be removed from the 182 maps of the zmod server


    ze_icecave _escape_fixed

    zm_escape_bridge_v1d - quick everyone on top of the escape hatch, unless you catch someone sticking there head out of the finale area the zombies have no chance

    ze_canal_escape - as soon as a fast zombie spawns its all over
    zm_city_graveyard - no cading spots, should be a gungame map not zm
    ze_italian_escape_final - an incomplete mess of a map

    ze_rooftop_runaway_extended_v6 - helicopter doesn't even make it to the safe zone in time, killing its occupants,


    Abandoned_ProjectsV01 - really old map from the begining of zmod, built for classic zombies
    ZM_Bio_FEAR - bad, just plain bad
    zm_highschool - no real cading spots, only a disco
    cs_italy - regular css map, and theres a whole bunch of regular css maps on the server.
    ze_turokbase_beta2 - just mindless wandering in the fog, I have yet to see anyone make it to the end of the map

    any idea why are there two zm panics?

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    now i do agree kavinsky with roof top i like the first one that you can actually win in it

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    I agree with Kavinsky with most of the maps he listed except for the following:

    zm_hospitalv4 - I've caded other rooms myself. As long as there are people that don't ruin it that is. Other than that, I would usually hold up pretty well there.
    ze_backmesa_escape_final - Not so keen on the escaping part, but golly I get a lot of kills vent camping there and trying to make an epic escape at the end which usually leads to an epic fail.
    zm_highschool - I've seen other rooms with decent barricade objects.

    To add to the list:

    All regular CSS deathmatch maps.
    zm_island_defence_v2 - not a whole lot of barricade spots...just map exploitation (i.e. wall glitching and pit hiding)
    zm_umbrella_corp - the objects you cade with just fail...a fast zombie can get through any barricade spots in the map
    any maps that contain the word "office" in it EXCEPT for zm_vc2_lila_off!ce (I think that's what it's called. You can camp the power line there or the letters in the back of the map.
    all versions of elevator escape because the nuke takes so damn long to detonate after calling for it.

    That's all I can think of on the top of my head.

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    Please note that not all of the maps on that list are actually still on the server, that list only takes into account any map that has ever been voted on. The system is not advanced enough to determine if a map is still relevant.

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    As for elevator escape, I could double the hitback on that map would that help?

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    ah I see so theres a good chance half the maps I've picked are already gone....

    it would help zero, but what really needs to be done for the elevator escape maps is for the wall that separates the humans and the zombies at the end (where you call for the nuke) needs to be rasied so the jumpers cant get to you without going up the walkway like all the other zombies and jam the water pits at there highest level from the getgo so you dont have to shoot the pumps and wait for the water to rise. Seeing as the jumping and waiting for the elevator bits already slow everyone down enough.

    "zm_hospitalv4 - I've caded other rooms myself. As long as there are people that don't ruin it that is. Other than that, I would usually hold up pretty well there."

    okay so this one can actually be fun, but what about doing away wih the escape verison of this map instead, hospital v3? I mean after all its just one big rush into that one room on the second floor, shoot stuff into your incomming teammates ect ect

    and I do agree with getting rid of zm_umbrella_corp or atleast putting more cading materal in like vending machines and cabnets everywhere

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    Fucking atix helicopter. I added the word "Fucking" to hopefully and mindfully illustrate just how much I hate that map.

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    Holy fuck I'm surprised I forgot about that one...Put another vote on ATIX!

    [EDIT] Sorry demonator =P [/EDIT]

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    I can deal with all the maps above that kavinsky and hobo have mentioned. There is only two maps that I truly hate and refuse to play. Mario Escape and Boat escape. These two maps seriously need to be removed from the list of maps (there still on there I just checked). Mario escape is a well thought out map but having only on tube in the beginning and all 30 players trying to go through it as fast as they want. That gets people stuck in the teleport and nobody wants to ztele out. Boat escape is just as bad but it has been overplayed. What I've figured out is its everyman for himself on escape maps. Thats why I hate them.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    while on the topic of maps.. ... where is zm_wtfhax ........ i think its on version 6.. and its one of the best maps ever.. with near or over a dozen secrets.. imo the best since samoa cookies!!

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