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    he called someone a loser on his mic

    Player K4m!ka$i has entered rock the vote, 13 votes required to trigger map vote
    Remington ;D*sG : lol calling people loser over the internet

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    (ADMIN) MagOp. Whytboiz <ibis>: muted player Remington ;D*sG
    Console: *** Rescue boats inbound ***

    Remington ;D*sG : i love how i got muted for no reason
    :-) connected
    Pandemic connected
    Above&Beyond connected
    (ADMIN) MagOp. Whytboiz <ibis>: muted player Remington ;D*sG

    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    Jeimuzu: remington rejoined because it was a new game, and whyt banned him, i asked whyt why, he said it was because he was avoiding a mute..which shouldn't have been given to him in the first place
    Last edited by Remington; 04-09-2009 at 02:45 PM.

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    are you posting the abuse about a mute or a ban? its a little confusing. if its just a mute? why are you posting. you mocked him so he muted you. I don't see what the deal is here.

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    its also the ban, i never mocked him, all i basically said was its funny when people call other people losers over the internet.

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    No you avoided the mute by reconnecting, resulting in me telling him to issue a 30min ban.

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    i was talking to jeimuzu in spec about it

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    Admin Log
    M 04/09/2009 - 15:05:49: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [MagOp.  Whytboiz <ibis>] [STEAM_0:1:11257865] Executed :  muted user [Remington ;D*sG] [STEAM_0:1:74489]
    M 04/09/2009 - 15:15:50: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [MagOp.  Whytboiz <ibis>] [STEAM_0:1:11257865] Executed :  slapped user [аќ¹] [STEAM_0:1:18403695] with 0 damage
    M 04/09/2009 - 15:23:19: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [MagOp.  Whytboiz <ibis>] [STEAM_0:1:11257865] Executed :  changelevel zm_spacestationflee_v2_fix
    M 04/09/2009 - 15:24:10: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [MagOp.  Whytboiz <ibis>] [STEAM_0:1:11257865] Executed :  muted user [Remington ;D*sG] [STEAM_0:1:74489]
    M 04/09/2009 - 15:27:42: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [MagOp.  Whytboiz <ibis>] [STEAM_0:1:11257865] Executed :  Banned (By Admin) [Remington ;D*sG] [STEAM_0:1:74489] banid 30 579 kick

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    I thought automatically ended when a map was reset. Didn't the second mute happen about a minute after the map change? Or am I missing something?

    I know I have nothing to contribute... i wasn't there or anything. Just curious about whether it resets when the map changes.

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    Whyt was calling someone a loser (from what I know, i.e. disrespecting them) then Remington typed "lol, calling someone a loser over the internet"
    for that, he got muted. The next game, whyt muted him for virtually no reason again at the start when he said "i love how i got muted for no reason." Remington rejoined because it was a new game and he hadn't done anything wrong yet apart from avoiding a pointless mute, and Whyt banned him, I asked whyt why, he said "It was because he was fucking avoiding a mute." I replied with "Why was he muted?" he answered "because he fucking disrespected me, and i've been doing this alot fucking longer then you"

    From my point of view, he disrespected me, and another player he was calling a loser, which Remington commented on.

    That's the whole story from my point of view.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    right when the map changed he muted me again for me saying "I love how I get muted for no reason" and then when Jeimuzu joins i retry to go in spec and talk to him about it and i get banned a minute or 2 later

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    Sounded like Whyt is in a pissy mood. Just let him vent it out for a bit and it will all go away...hopefully. I mean I've never ever seen anyone getting muted from one statement like that before...But I suppose he's just really having a bad day. It was only 30 minutes so just read a book or take a long shit and come back.

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