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Thread: New Clan members for a New Year

  1. Arrow New Clan members for a New Year

    As today marks the end of 2014 it also marks the beginning of of a new chapter for IBIS. We are happy to announce that SCRIBBLE, CYBER and phil.™ are now in the clan.

    Congrats and Happy New Years!

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    Omg this is soooo awesome!!! Thank you Zero and clan!! This is freaking amazing!!!

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    Congratulations all! Get to fraggin!

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    Congratulations! =)
    "Intolerance and superstition has always been the domain of the more stupid amongst the common folk and, I conjecture, will never be uprooted, for they are as eternal as stupidity itself. There, where mountains tower today, one day there will be seas; there where today seas surge, will one day be deserts. But stupidity will remain stupidity."
    “You surround the dead with veneration and memory, you dream of immortality, and in your myths and legends there’s always someone being resurrected, conquering death. But were your esteemed late great-grandfather really to suddenly rise from the grave and order a beer, panic would ensue.”
    “A coward dies a hundred times. A brave man dies but once. But Dame Fortune favours the brave and holds the coward in contempt.'

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    CONGRATS!!! Good way to end the year!!

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    Wow, Look Out! Congrats Fellers!! Means IBIS will just get better!!

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    Gratz all.

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    Gratz. Phil is a great guy and Scribble will always bring justice.

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    Welcome to the jungle.
    Make all your last demands for I will forsake you and I'll meet your eyes for the very first time, for the very last.

    maynard <ibis>: they are awkward and last 2 damn long. I prefer thinner smaller ones

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    Nice job, congrats Phil and scribble... And cyber too I guess. Fucking mexican <3

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