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Thread: Slayed, Kicked, Banned?

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    So, I was on the pub this morning the map was de_rats. I killed one person who's name was ADMIN and then he slays then kicks me immediately. I reconnect to the server and say wtf asshole then I got banned. There weren't any rules I was breaking and there was no way to justify slaying me to begin with.

    The ban was only 2 hours so by the time many read this, the ban may already be over but it was still ridiculous and something should be done about it.
    Last edited by Walter; 05-26-2008 at 01:48 PM.

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    I was playing until around 9am, I didn't see any admins on by the time I left. Sorry I can't help Walter.

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    you cant be banning the golden jew like that

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    It was Dual, he said something about two people with the name Walter on or not sure, i just know it was done by Dual

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    Walter is one of the most silent players in the server. Seems odd of him to be kicked and banned. Good thing it was just a confusion with dumbasses using his name.

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    I am unbannign now also walter put the STEAM_ before the numbers in your steam id so that the ranking in the forums work. It makes it easier for me to unban

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