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Thread: Ban Request - =(e)= Flying Machine

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    He got mad because I slayed him, so for I think three games he kept attacking me and killing me and no admins did anything, so when he said something that got me really mad I decided to go after him, and I killed a teammate or two in the progress. I have been banned, and I am accepting it because I know I was in the wrong, but I believe he should be temp banned.

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    Minecraft section, your solution to all CS related issues.
    I hit Brett right in the feels.

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    Wrong section but I was the one who banned you.
    Idk what happened on the previous map. The map I banned you on, he was on the other team as you. You tked a guy and d/c. It was your 5th ban for tking so that's why I made it for 1 day.
    Don't worry tho, Ill watch him whenever im playing from now on. If he does that and no admin is on post it on the thread Rawr just mentioned with a demo.

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    also, demos can be found here
    just in case you didnt know

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    wrong section.


    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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