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Thread: [Remove] ze_icecap_escape_v5

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    Map: ze_icecap_escape_v5

    Reason: There's this glitch on the map that allows a ct to get tagged through the first tele and fuck the whole ct team. not only is this inflating, it is also a way to exploit the map, both of which are illegal. Plus we already have ze_icecap_escape_v3 which is just a much better map in general.


    Watch this demo, you will see it clearly.
    player name: Kyoshi Steven, starts immediately.
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    That's how about how far as we got.

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    Remove ze_icecap_escape_v5 in exchange for adding ze_icecap_escape_v4

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    isn't v5 the newer version? Is it not better?

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    isn't v5 the newer version? Is it not better?
    you would think so but as it turns out the orange is more annoying to activate and there is no skybox tele like there is in v3. besides, having two versions of the same map is pretty redundant dont you think?

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    either way this glitch needs to be addressed either by configuring or removing
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    That's how about how far as we got.

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    I cant remember if ive even played v5 before lol

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    remove v5. no one likes that version compared to v3

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    I like the v5 over v3
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