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    April 20th, 2009 AKA 420. A day for smokers everywhere to celebrate cannabis. I have personally stretched my 420 celebration from Saturday through Monday. Please smokers go out and do something special for 420. If your not a bud smoker than consider starting on 420, an amazing day. Please enjoy yourselves and bring your 420 stories to this thread.

    PS. This thread will be Re-opened the day of 420 for people to post.


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    So 420 is almost over, and is defiantly over for me. I went to a huge 420 party Saturday night and smoked way to much. And woke up with all of the weed gone and realize the guy who was tripping on acid last night drove off with all our weed and my friends phone. So i slept all Sunday until Monday. Then i woke up and smoked some of my reserve weed, and just started my day. Shit was fun.

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    I don't smoke only tried it twice, last 420 and forgot the last time lol
    But I wrote all over my schools bathroom walls "4/20/09 <3 Weed"
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    you may have enjoyed a care free, rule breaking life prior to this. but now things have changed due to constant complaints and demand for action. now you and ur "crew, goons, idiots" will be delt with. admins will not protect you.

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