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Thread: spatula_ninja 04-18-09 12:54pm EST

  1. Default spatula_ninja 04-18-09 12:54pm EST

    Name in Game:[ces]spatula_ninja
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:9378233
    Who banned you: server
    When: 15:54(ish)pm EST 04-18-09
    Where: zombiemod server
    Why banned: "rcon hacking attempts"

    long story short, I setup my old linux box as a css server, and I had a slowmotion script bound to mouse4 (which I hadn't used in over a month and had since forgotten about). I accidently hit mouse4 while playing and got banned for "rcon hacking attempts". I had mouse4 bound to +bt.

    alias "+bt" "rcon host_timescale 0.3;rcon phys_pushscale 20;rcon cl_phys_timescale 0.1"
    alias "-bt" "rcon host_timescale 1;rcon phys_pushscale 1;rcon cl_phys_timescale 1"

    [ces]spatula_ninja STEAM_0:0:9378233

    i have since gotten rid of that bind to avoid any future incidents, thank you for your time.
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  2. Default

    When I went to unban you were already unbanned, the auto server ban is not perma it is time delay.

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