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Thread: Does anyone like this map so far? city-esque

  1. Default Does anyone like this map so far? city-esque

    ALSO: I see that a lot of people want to have changes in maps that are currently run on the server. Perhaps a couple people can make suggestions that I can add in the map to make it more enjoyable for others. Just keep in mind I'm trying to keep the theme of a city going. I was considering sewers and a train station which I've made for a garry's mod map way back but I was thinking there would be too little hiding and defending from zombies in these areas.

    So I've always been into making rp_ maps for Garry's Mod RP but doing that gets really tiring quickly, just because of the amount of detail and stuff required. Yesterday, I decided to give a zm_ map a shot (after a failed attempt months ago).

    This is what I've got so far. There's more to come. TAKE THESE PICTURES WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. The name I'm liking is zm_dawn_city.

    What I want to still do:
    Add more decals and props
    more windows
    3d skybox
    Fire escapes on buildings that can and can't be entered
    perhaps add a crane and make one building under construction

    I think I have a beta version. Anyone want to try it out? Still need to add a ton of player clips...

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    Hell ya ill try it out for ya!

    You thinking about having any secrets in the map?

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    As long as its fun and has decent cading spots, I'm down to try it out.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    The map looks like it should be played with 64 people. I mean it looks huge...for my anus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLittlestHobo View Post
    The map looks like it should be played with 64 people. I mean it looks huge...for my anus.
    Haha, yes. I realized that 30 people (31?) might be overwhelmed after I finished the layout.

    Secretwise, I had this idea where one would jump off of a roof and that would trigger a portion of the sidewalk to slide open and the player would go down like a 50 foot drop. At the end of the drop would be a trigger teleport and this would bring the player to the bottom of a different "pit". This pit would have a trigger push and push the player upwards to a entirely different area not accessible from the main part of the map. What I was trying to replicate was a "falling to the other side of the world" kind of thing. I didn't do that because the skybox would be the same exact thing! Heh.


    Check it out guys! I really like it. A little different than my first concept of the map but I think it's good for a first version. Took a little over 2 days.
    Here's a nicer one.

    How hard is it to get maps put into the server's rotation?
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    Looks sexy, i'd like to see this used on the server.

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    as long as 80% of the objects in there move and the walls dont break i'd be willing to try it out.

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    that looks obscenely big.... im gonna test it in a bit.. too see which spots/area u should take out...

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    Just tell me what you guys think! I'd love to see this on the server soon, even if some things need to be changed. Just keep in mind, when you guys are trying it out, it won't be the same on a real server; the props aren't as flexible when you create a local game.

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    Its good. It looks big on the pics but its just like the ordinary size of a zm map.

    I would like to see this in rotation

    Although there seems to be like waaayy to many couches and soda machines.

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