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Thread: No ibis servers show up on css

  1. Default No ibis servers show up on css

    Went to play counter strike source today and noticed no ibis servers were showing up on my favorites anymore. Just figured maybe servers were down for a bit, but heard that they were actually up. If I try to "join game" from somebody's profile when they are in an ibis server it just tells me "server is not responding"

    And when I try to join through console by adding in the address it just sits at "connecting to server" until it finally kicks me off and says connection failed after 4 retries.

    I am able to play other servers fine it seems like, just not Ibis servers.

    Tried googling for similar problems but couldn't find anything. Anybody have any ideas? Seems weird to me that its only the ibis servers though

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    Exit steam, go to steam folder, delete clientregistry.blob and the two vcred files (I forget what they're called exactly, but it is similar to that).

    Open steam up and check again.

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    Found the clienregistry but not the 2 vcred files.

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    Just try deleting the blob then (with steam closed) and relaunch.

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    Yeah I tried just deleting the blob and it didn't work.

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    Try restarting your computer and see if that works, if not than try resetting your cable modem.

    Sometimes that does the trick, I think the connection thing is a common bug with Steam's network.

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    Serious right now.

    You might have to completely uninstall the game and maybe steam. I had the same issue on the previous update. It failed to install correctly and many things were fucked. Try reinstalling CSS and then if no bueno, STEAM.

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    Reinstalling css now, hopefully don't have to delete and reinstall steam.

    Already tried restarting computer and modem, thanks for the ideas guys.

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    No problem man, hopefully that does the trick.

    Let us know if it works out for you bud.

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    Well reinstalling css didn't work so now i'll try steam.

    Just weird that it's only ibis servers that won't work. Everything else on my favorites list works.

    I just can't connect to ibis servers at all, even trying to connect through console.

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