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Thread: Ban Request

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    Have a ban request for a Team Wounding.


    hostname: GunGame MOD+ | IBIS | FAST DL | PsychoStats
    version : 3470 secure
    udp/ip :
    map : fy_xbox at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
    players : 18 (21 max)

    Team Wounding:
    Pro.Star - Rungo {NGC} STEAM_0:0:18017128

    STEAM_0:0:18017128 Pro.Star - Rungo {NGC} Ei\@l0SbCUka9FIa61I`5e]`7[@P`>PAOec>oUB1hB\Y]Z0^MDX<@]e>Z@

    Demo: ( I only took a short demo but you can see him aiming at his team on purpose);1.../fileinfo.html

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    I think another member made a post about tkers in gg and needing an admin, good work on the demos! Keep up the good work!

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