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Thread: AmericanSoldier 06/12/15 ~11:10 EST STEAM_0:0:124703002/Jensenik555 STEAM_0:1:1046791

  1. Default AmericanSoldier 06/12/15 ~11:10 EST STEAM_0:0:124703002/Jensenik555 STEAM_0:1:1046791


    In the message section:

    Name in Game: AmericanSoldier 06/12/15 STEAM_0:0:124703002/Jensenik555 STEAM_0:1:10467915
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:124703002/STEAM_0:1:10467915
    Link to any previous bans:
    Reason to ban: Cade Breaking - repeatedly

    auto-20150612-104909-zm_roy_the_ship.dem starting around tick 67000

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    American Soldier:

    Even tho he has no other bans im gonna ban him for 4 hours. Seemed like he knew it was against the rules and then said he didn't care.
    Would have got a warning if not for his chatting.

    You will need to start another thread for the other guy.
    Last edited by $Money$; 06-12-2015 at 05:13 PM.

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    Temp bans still need 2/3 majority vote. Just to clarify.

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    Gotcha, My bad

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