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Thread: Whats a brother got to do?

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    Wolf is playing other games instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarsMine View Post
    Wolf is playing other games instead.
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    Lol but I do wolf.......well stars may too because he's playing other games too lol
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    you all are a bunch oh whiny little bitches..
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    0.o.....dem sum fightin wurdz LOL

    I am really scared.....You sending Fiona after me? LOL

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    for me the most recent alchemist race along with the individual whoring of people supposedly "veterans". along with questionable skillsets from certain people were the end of WCS.

    Unless we can get a "ban system" for specific 3-4 races that people vote for, for 5 rounds, and then reset... stackwhoring will still be a thing, and the server will remain dead.
    Unless we get the go to start banning people that deliberately stackwhore to the point of causing the server to go extinct with the little playerbase we already have, the server will remain dead.
    Unless more people become active in monitoring a specific bunch of people, making it impossible for them to even sneeze without it being recorded, they will still do quesitonable shit, people will still flame, and the server will remain dead.

    it's a shame. i loved that server, but at some point, it went from a fun yet competitive scene, to full tryhard stacking with gay buttbuddies always conveniently on your team, for grinding xp for psychostats and making the server's population cut by half within 5 minutes.

    I called this shit 2 years ago, people refused to listen that these cunts will be the end of the server, and now all I can say is "i told you so, all of you, but you refused to listen or do anything about it.".

    I think the only thing that would make wcs REMOTELY a possibilitity? It's is if zero programs an instant randomizer at the beginning of each round, that can't be manipulated , denying team changes.

    And making the game more "elemination" oriented by having the respawning scroll price cut in half multiplicatively for each person you killed before biting the bullet, respawning you after a short delay. (certain maximum restriction to specific races... u know the ones.)

    Effectively making the game more fast paced, with more respawns the more kills you get , but that won't snowball off the charts because the randomizer will change your team every round, heck even EVERY TIME YOU SPAWN in the same round.

    Add chaos! add fun. add humor.
    Remove the "perfect races to win", remove the boredome. remove the tryhardness and stack/whoring.
    Making it basically a randomized wcs team deathmatch each round.

    This hopefully would be a temporary "situation" when it comes to the scroll pricing, and randomizer, but it would probably help bring in new blood from gungame, and other communities looking for quick "fuck everything" deathmatch games within wcs. And so this will make it easier for low level people to grind their levels AT THE COST OF THEIR KDR duh.

    And allowing people the mentality to not care about ruining their kdr in exchange for reviving and going full ham ??? that's probably the best thing this server could ever need...
    the kdr whores ruined the server. Time to clean this shit up, and @zero needs to be on board, or else all his work's gone in vain because of a few stupid stackwhoring rank-grinding kdr-caring cuntnuggets.

    ^ but who am i to voice an opinion amiright?
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    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

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    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    Cyber I understand your points, but at the same time those people are not playing anymore. I seriously doubt that they even monitor the dead server. I love the idea of a monthly scrim amongst the people who are on the forums. That would cause the people in GG or even ZM who want to play outside of scrim time to lvl up races. There were years of work put into the server and it would be a shame to let it just die without trying. On a separate note does anyone still have the password for the test server? I want to try the new races I never got a chance to play. I broke my comp after dragonfly was released.
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    Logically I reserve the right to step in at any time and make a final judgement. Any judgement made by me can only be reversed by me.

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    While I find a lot of Cyber's ideas outlandish and thinka simpler solution will give more bang, he has one great point--Zero needs to be here.

    Rosie, you're wrong that they don't look at the server. There are still a couple that do.
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    Point taken, had a few people in there last night, and had an old regular show up when he saw people in there. Had a guy show up for first time last night and played a few hours, and asked a lot of ?s. I think he's hooked.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Logically I reserve the right to step in at any time and make a final judgement. Any judgement made by me can only be reversed by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie View Post
    On a separate note does anyone still have the password for the test server? I want to try the new races I never got a chance to play. I broke my comp after dragonfly was released.
    Should still be ibiswcs, in accordance to this post and last time i used it. - anime | manga | reviews

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    What if I made it so that you can vote to block a user from the whore races. For the rest of the map that user would be restricted from particular races.

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    Another option would be for KDR based protection of other players. Basically a system that auto balances the game for when KDR is way out for a particular player so that the game gets harder for them.

    When a player takes damage a plugin can look at the KDR of both players and compare them for example:

    Player A with KDR 5 hits Player B with KDR 1 so the plugin would see that player A has an advantage and reduces all incoming DMG from said player by X%.

    By making X a value tied to the KDR difference and curved function we can make it so that there will not be impacts on players with small KDR differences but when players are "whoring" it becomes almost impossible for them to continue to deal DMG.

    This can be viewed as a "fun" solution to the issue of whoring b/c the whore still gets to whore around but now the game actually gets harder for them as they go on and so it is actually a real challenge to whore to high KDR values. This also makes it much easier for less skilled players to have a chance against the whores so they can enjoy the game too.

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