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    Death! That's right! If you stand in one place for too long, god Anubis will look at you REAL HARD, and you will die! So, when in open, move your little paws and go zig-zag, or you will end up with another hole in yer bum.
    ◾Everybody starts with low gravity;
    ◾There are few boosts placed around the map;
    ◾There are 2 surf waves; and just before them - a normal gravity trigger, so you can surf properly. Once you make your way to the end of the wave, you get back your low gravity.
    ◾You fall in lava - you lose.
    ◾Plenty of camping spots, so this map should be totally okay for Zombie Plague.

    32 spawns

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    This looks pretty cool, as long as the lava instant kills the zombies to where they can't ztele out. Nifty for people who go AFK when they're zombies.

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    This map is for CS not CSS is there a CSS version?

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