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Thread: B.O.P.E ibis.a Abuse

  1. Default B.O.P.E ibis.a Abuse

    Admin's INGAME name: B.O.P.E. * ibis.a
    You're INGAME name: Rawr ibis.a
    Server: GG
    Map: gg_constructed
    Date & Time: 9/9/15 8am

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS): Changed map when he was not senior

    Doesn't show in the demo, but you can see that he goes straight to spec soon resulting in a map change as you can see in the screenshots below

    Here you see that i was senior

    Here you see that he changed the map..

    After the map changed to gg_mini_house i told him over voice he cant do that because he is not senior, his response was.. "fu then"
    Didn't see it at the time because he was in spec and i was alive on a team

    Clearly doesn't care, just does what he wants without consideration for anyone but himself

    I normally don't post admin abuse threads but i liked the map we were playing
    Jiggy: yeah i fuckin hate retardes
    Spasm iBiS.A: can you do that brit?
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    added the demo for mini house to show that when the issue was being addressed to him by the other admins that were in the server he chose to ignore what was being said and replied with "I reply when I want u noob".
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    I dont post on these but......
    You know Phil is gonna come on here and say "If you are not involved in the thread, do not post."

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    Money, if you are not involved, do not post.

    Rawr, just handle it. Do whatever you think is appropriate and post what you did in the ULA section. If it is wrong, you will hear from us.

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    Money, if you are not involved, do not post.

    Bope, infact does not give a shit. Pull the trigger rawr. And like scribbs said, in ULA sect.

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    I can lick the lumps off of cucumbers.
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    Also, fuck u swagbot, stop making fucking sense... I hate agreeing with you.

  7. Exclamation STOP Lying!!!

    I did not said fu to you Rawr. you are lying so bad, that was for another player that was insulting me on the radio. stop lying!!! Yes I have changed the map, I did not know about senior admin only can change maps etc ... It is now a reason to ban me!!!!!!!! Just want to know if I will be unbanned or not!! She's taking part of the conversation that was not even close to her, never talking with this girl OMG!!!
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    Okay so you were just ignoring me when i told you that only the senior admin change the map. You're not helping your case dude
    Jiggy: yeah i fuckin hate retardes
    Spasm iBiS.A: can you do that brit?
    (NPC)Britney<3: o.o

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    You never talk to me anyway, or anyone else for that matter who tried to tell you about admin stuff. If you had just said "oh my bad i didn't know" i wouldn't have done anything, but you blatantly ignored me. Just man up to your mistakes.
    Your ban was only for 2 days
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    Jiggy: yeah i fuckin hate retardes
    Spasm iBiS.A: can you do that brit?
    (NPC)Britney<3: o.o

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    I never thought I would consider banning someone in game for being annoying in the forums.

    There is a first for everything, isn't that right Kasper?

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