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    Could we get some new victory music in the GG server? Every Hip-Hop song in there sucks, so im gonna suggest some new ones.

    To DL any of these songs go here

    Fancy Clown - Madvillain - This song probly has the greatest beat ever created.

    Dead Wrong [soulpete remix] - Notorious B.I.G. - a remix, but another amazing beat

    Triumph - Wu Tang - The first verse of this song is hands down the greatest Hip-Hop verse ever written, listen

    Winter Warz - Ghostface

    Memory Lane - Nas

    All of these a great hip hop songs, that I would love to hear just after winning GG.

    Also, the system that keeps track of whos winning is messed up. When somone takes the lead it doesnt say anything, when there is a 2 way tie it says the second person is in the lead, and when there is a three way tie it says "2 way tie" etc. it doesnt say anyone is on nade or knife level until the second person gets to nade/knife.

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    Triumph !

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    Oh I just remembered that I had not added the new rap music I edited a week or two ago!

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    Well theres a differance between rap music and Hip Hop and i would like some real Hip Hop on the server, songs like the ones I posted.

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    I am working on adding them but I remind you that the quality of these files is totally shit. I mean, the songs are great but they sound TERRIBLE from this source. Maybe I will try to get them the long way so that it is worth it. For example Fancy Clown - Madvillain is awesome but sounds like shit on a log at 64kbs in mono @ 22050hz... I think I will draw the line at 128kbs stereo @ 44100Hz

    (I should add that all the music on the server only works at 44100Hz and that while I can down convert to that trying to convert will only be disastrous to ears whom actually care about the music, the same goes for the bitrate.)

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