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    So we were on a military BASE. I knew the spy would have gotten military from Star's answer, so I had to focus on the 2nd half. I asked you about your balls. Wouldn't the logical solution to my question be to simply juxtapose base and ball together for an answer? Unless you've never heard of baseball, I don't see how you wouldn't come up with that, especially knowing and looking for a way to clear yourself. If there isn't a way to clear yourself and the question doesn't clear the person asking, that person is likely the spy.

    You need to think laterally for this game. Being linear in thought will just give away the answer much to quickly. Be creative.
    What: my life skills use meat

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    Damn I fall asleep early one day, and I miss the end. If I didn't ask a god ? I should have been slapped. Off and on I spent 11 years in the military.

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    good ?
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    Logically I reserve the right to step in at any time and make a final judgement. Any judgement made by me can only be reversed by me.

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